The value of helping out is ingrained in every Vermonter. We’re constantly amazed by the generosity of others - whether it’s pushing a car out of a snowbank, lending a cup of sugar for chocolate cake, or donating web services, Bluehouse recognizes the need to lend a hand. 

Building a Better Community

There are hundreds of Vermont organizations working for the greater good of the Green Mountains. Sometimes they need a bunch of volunteers or money just to keep the doors open. But, for many organizations and nonprofits, it’s tough to communicate their mission and values on the web. 

Bluehouse Love Projects

The team at Bluehouse is always willing to help. We partner with deserving organizations making an impact right in our backyard. From branding help to websites and online strategy, the companies and foundations we work with get a seasoned team of experts ready to bring them to the next level.

Who We’ve Helped Recently:

Interested in being considered for a Love Project? Contact us.

Oh yeah - Bluehouse Group is also a long-time member of VBSR, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.