Bluehouse Group is currently seeking to fill the following roles:

Why Join the Bluehouse Group Team?

Jared works with a plastic pink flamingo

Seriously. He codes 47% faster when the flamingo is cheering him on. If you haven’t seen a clapping flamingo, you haven’t lived.  

And that’s why you need to come to Bluehouse Group.

There’s over 87 different figurines and toys in our office. Random things light up. Sometimes the heat comes on (we’re kidding - it’s always on), and we have summer BBQ’s. And, oh yeah...

You get to do what you love.

At Bluehouse group, we believe in work-life balance even though many of us have about as much balance as an elephant on a snowboard.

What we’re really trying to say, is you can take advantage of a flexible schedule. Shuttle your kid to soccer practice, take a morning yoga class, or get out a little early on Friday for a long-weekend in Beantown.

Collaborate on big-time projects

Remember when your Mom yelled at you for writing on the wall with crayons as a kid? (We’re sure your house and dog-zombie were beautiful). At Bluehouse Group, we take advantage of six whiteboards to solve complex programming problems and draw stick figures. And one of them is pretty much the size of an 18-wheeler (the whiteboard - not the stick figure). Chris loves the boards. He scribbles database architecture all over it. 

From day one, you’ll solve complex problems for high-profile organizations and non-profits.  We have a flat organizational structure, so your voice is heard, and you can have influence.

Plus, we have weekend hackathons where we shovel chewy chocolate chip cookies, wood-fired pizza from the local bakery, and code like crazy. What comes out of these hackathons is pure PHP bliss. Watch out WalMart. We’re building products like crazy over here.

It's like working from home

(Except we have unlimited coffee and no kids running around) 

Located in Burlington, VT, in the Hood Plant, used to be home to the Hood Plant milk bottling company. Now it houses office space for many dynamic companies, including Bluehouse Group.

Enormous windows let ample sunlight in, the walls are colorful, the decor is eclectic, and the environment stimulates creativity.  It’s truly a warm and inviting place to crank some work out.

Sometimes it's literally working from home

Distance is obsolete, isn't technology wonderful!  We've been experimenting with remote collaboration for years, and it just keeps getting easier.  We still like the intangibles of working together in one space, and sometimes it's essential, but increasingly our team members split their time working here or from home. Or from a cafe. Or Paris.  

Perks of Working at Bluehouse Group

  • Health Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Vacation Time
  • Sick Time
  • Simple IRA Contribution
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Unlimited Coffee
  • Free Admission to the Vermont Figurine Museum (ok - that’s really our office)

Equal Opportunity Statement

Bluehouse Group is committed to the principles of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Act and Vermont’s Fair Employment Practices Act.

It is our policy that employment and advancement is based on qualifications, skills, potential for growth, and performance without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, place of birth, ancestry, physical or mental condition, disability, or any other characteristics protected by law.

This applies to all matters affecting employees and applicants for employment, including but not limited to employment practices such as recruitment, promotion, termination, compensation, benefits, or layoff.