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How Bluehouse Group Made the #1 Resource for Heating Help

You've got heating system questions. HeatingHelp.com has answers - from geothermal to solar to steam.

When Dan Holohan came to Bluehouse, he knew he needed an experienced website partner to help him take his business to the next level.  HeatingHelp.com attracts thousands of daily visitors by carefully curating the content they deliver.  HeatingHelp.com showcases a vast array of useful information relating to heating systems - old and new.  They needed help determining a clear structure for organizing their articles and assets, making it easier for visitors to find answers.  It absolutely needed to be mobile friendly and the brand needed a 'refresh.'

Important considerations were to ensure that the site retain their strong SEO rankings and their advertising revenue. We helped them migrate their forum to a more robust and user friendly platform, as well as devise a mechanism for them to register and showcase contractor listings via a Stripe integration.

If you need heating help, you know where to go!

Services: branding and identity, messaging strategy, information architecture, user experience design, Stripe integration (for contractors), Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), and website design.

I’m writing to tell you how delighted we are with the new-and-VASTLY-improved HeatingHelp.com. It is ridiculously right and proving itself more and more each day with our customers.

You were all so honest with us about what was right and what was wrong with our previous site. We needed that because we were standing way too close to it. You came at it from the perspective of the visitor. You looked at our analytics. You said what needed to be said, and what we needed to hear.

Architecture – You made us see it through beautiful architecture. You laid out the entire site in a visual way that was easy to understand. At the time, our site was more twisted than a corkscrew factory. You showed us how to get rid of the kinks. You showed us what could be.

Before Bluehouse Group, we saw HeatingHelp.com though our own perspective and that of our long-time members. You made us see it through the eyes of the first-time visitor. You built this site to include them, without taking anything away from the long-timers. You knew that when you were done, the first-timers would become frequent visitors. And they have!

Ease of use -- It once took so many clicks and frustrating searches to find things on our site (which is enormous). Now it’s as easy as can be, and remarkably intuitive. Thanks for making it run so smoothly for all of us.

- D. Holohan

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