Bluehouse Group Brings Digital Windfall to NRG's Online Presence

Renewable NRG Systems design measurement products that are purpose-built for the renewable energy industry.

In a competitive global marketplace, it is critical that visitors easily understand the company’s offerings. They engaged Bluehouse Group with several goals in mind.

  • Increase new business inquiries
  • Expand global reach into new markets
  • Improve customer service for people needing technical information and documentation
  • Enhance the overall company brand
  • Integrate with existing ERP system and customer relationship management (CRM) software

Bluehouse Group’s approach was strategic and thorough. A template-based solution or simplistic WordPress website would have left RNRG seriously under-performing its potential.  Working closely with RNRG staff, we:

  • Designed a sophisticated product search interface, with faceted, filterable search results that greatly improved relevancy and usability for users.
  • Integrated with existing back end systems containing product data, so updated product information flows to the website automatically, as well as CRM system integration.
  • Designed a user interface that is extremely easy to use, even for people who do not speak English as their first language.
  • Engineered user flows that encourages user engagement and conversion
  • Provided an easy means of updating website content.

The results were nearly instantaneous.  New business inquiries began flowing in at an exponentially higher rate. Bluehouse has continued to be their go-to technology partner, adding multi-language support and helping RNRG continuously evolve their online presence.

Services: consulting and strategy, website design, third party integrations, solution architecture, and database development.

"I know we've said this before, but THANK YOU to the entire team for your talent, can-do attitude, and hard work. We now have a website that's highly engaging, solidly built, and fun to maintain.

We keep getting positive feedback. Just this morning, one of our customers said: 'Huge progress on your website—it’s much better than the previous version.'

It's been wonderful to work with you all and we look forward to Phase 2!"

- M. Stout