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Bluehouse Group Announces New Marketing Director, Commitment to Flexible Workplace

Burlington, VT – June 14, 2017 – Bluehouse Group, a digital marketing and web design firm, has hired Michelle Massa as the company’s marketing director. Michelle brings nearly 20 years of marketing and business development experience in local and global markets.

By Vicky Smith

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Reputation Management Monitoring

Online Reputation Management and SEO

One of my favorite professors used to say that brands are built, reputations are earned. And more than ever, that holds true for online reputation management. There’s no free lunch in achieving a positive reputation online.

By Michelle Massa

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5 Tips for Students Looking for a Meaningful Work Experience

I’ve heard horror stories about internships that amount to little more than being an administrative assistant or worse - the organizer of office supplies. My ambitions were high as I set out looking for an internship in my chosen field of technology.

By Justin McKenzie and Michelle Massa

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uvm science fair pic 2

UVM’s Computer Science Fair: Judges Get a Solid Education, Too

I recently served as a judge at the University of Vermont Computer Science Fair for the second time. If you’ve never attended this event, I recommend it - it’s a fascinating look into ideas spawned by the next generation of computer scientists.

By Isaiah Keepin

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Bluehouse Group is a stop at ArtHop 2016

We will be open tonight and tomorrow 12-3PM as part of the SEABA ArtHop featuring local artists:

By Greg Brand

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